About The Founder

Danielle is a mom of 3 crazy kids (the "Diva" oldest daughter and twin boys) and she knows first hand how crazy life can get with littles coming into your life. From the moment they are born, these bundles of joy consume their parents, family and friends. Let's get real, the world revolves around them.  Danielle soon realized that most of the time all this love and pampering is directed exclusively at the baby and we have been forgetting about Mama! Moms all over the world are selflessly caring for their families needs and now its time to recognize the moms in your life. New moms who need some pampering  or moms that are struggling with their self-care routines. That is where Oh, Hey Babe! was born (pun intended!). These curated self-care boxes help mothers spend more time on themselves to help them feel whole and confident in their new skin, while being the best mamas they can be to their babes.